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Photoexpertbd is great at ghost mannequin services for eCommerce photo editing. We help clothing photographers, magazines, and online stores. This makes your apparel products look better and saves you money.

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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Photoshop ghost model effect is significant for e-trade stores. Additionally, fashion retailers need ghost mannequin services and object removal very much. As their product will be put on any human, they need to represent their product like people wear. Professional model photography can solve the problem. However, it is hugely expensive. Moreover, Including a mannequin in the image can solve the problem instantly.

Nevertheless, in the final output, this mannequin should be removed additionally, as it enables consumers to see the back part of the product. Lastly, after removing the dummy, the product image looks like a ghost effect, which draws more consumers’ attention.

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Our Photoshop ghost mannequin effect service categories

3D packshot ghost mannequin service

If you need a 3D packshot ghost mannequin service, turn to Photoexpertbd. Just send us your images from different angles, and we’ll take care of it. We can connect the neck, bottom, sleeves, and tops. Whether you want to remove the whole mannequin or just the neck or sleeves, we’ve got you covered.

It’s true professional work saves you money and boosts sales. Natural-looking photos grab more attention from customers. Our team is here to enhance your sales with top-notch image editing.

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Invisible mannequin service for your fashion product photos

Additionally, our Invisible Mannequin service enhances fashion product photography by removing mannequins, resulting in visually appealing images. Consequently, this technique enhances customer satisfaction and conversions, making your products stand out from the competition. In Invisible mannequin services, the joint allows for effortless articulation of the mannequin’s upper and lower torso, enabling dynamic posing and showcasing the gown’s silhouette from various angles.

Bottom joint on the invisible mannequin effect: The bottom joint on the invisible mannequin effect is applied to garment products. Furthermore, some garment items’ back parts are longer than the front parts. As a result, this service works great for these types of product images. Consequently, we will dispose of the model and we will be able to join the bottom part.

Ghost mannequin neck joint

The ghost mannequin neck joint, also known as the invisible or hollow mannequin effect, is a sophisticated photo editing technique commonly employed in the fashion industry. This method aims to showcase apparel in a three-dimensional form without the distraction of a visible mannequin or model. Specifically applied to clothing with collars or unique necklines, the ghost mannequin technique involves capturing multiple shots of a garment worn by a mannequin from different angles.

Furthermore, these images are then edited together to create a seamless and realistic look, giving the illusion that the clothing is being worn by an invisible figure. This technique helps to display the fit and shape of the garment in a way that is visually appealing to potential customers. Overall, the ghost mannequin technique has become an essential tool for fashion brands and online retailers looking to present their clothing in a professional and attractive manner.

Hollow Man Effect Before
Hollow Man Effect After

Hollow Man Effect

Perfect for clothing sellers, we’ll take out the dummy from your image, giving it an excellent hollow or ghost mannequin effect. Our team is really good at creating these effects. Especially for online shops, a 3D product photo display is fantastic, and we’ll make it happen for your product pics.

We’ll also touch up your product image. Just send us your pics from different angles and let us know what you need. Our team can give you various options for the final look.

Mark up your product photography with Ghost Mannequin Services

In the brutal e-commerce world, great product photos make a big difference. Using ghost mannequin services is an innovative and affordable way to make your fashion items look super professional. Hiring models are pricey, and adding a dummy to the picture is a quick fix, but it needs to be removed later. This helps customers see the back of the product. After removing the dummy, the product image has an excellent ghost effect, catching more consumers’ attention.

Consider us the best mannequin service provider

Photo Expertbd is a top ghost mannequin service in Bangladesh. We’ve got a skilled team with a good track record in ghost-mannequin editing. We understand the tools needed for outstanding images and make sure your product looks good and works well. Our team keeps the colors consistent in all your pictures for a pro-brand look. Check out our substantial portfolio to see our style and skills. We also make sure to work within your time and budget. Improve how your product looks and connect better with your customers using our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs this service?

This ghost mannequin editing service is essential for businesses in the fashion industry, including e-commerce, fashion designers, photographers, magazines, and online vendors. It removes mannequins/models, ensuring a proper and consistent look in clothing product images.

Why do you need ghost mannequin services?

Ghost-mannequin services are often utilized in the fields of e-commerce, fashion photography, and product visualization. The primary purpose of ghost mannequin service is to create a seamless and professional appearance for clothing and other products, particularly apparel, on online platforms. Right here are some motives why those offerings are crucial:


  • Redouble product presentation and visual desire.
  • Beautify patron engagement and conversion quotes.
  • Showcasing details
  • saves money and time.
  • Versatility for different platforms
  • Improve brand consistency and professionalism. Who wishes for this career?